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Illinois Day of Percussion

Highlights of the Day include:

Casey Cangelosi’s “A Stillness that Better Suits this Machine”
The first live performance!

Rupert Kettle’s “Tambourines”

Nicholas Papador’s “Karass”

World Premiere of my newest composition called “Anahit”

Check out the 
Instruments Section 
for great photos of  some of
Bill Cahn’s  
Amazing collection of Instruments!

Also, some interesting drums in the 
Boston Symphony Museum Collection

Complementary Percussion
A Handbook for Tambourine, Triangle, Cymbals and Bass Drum 

“This book is fabulous!  A much welcomed musical vehicle to practice these 
instruments that so define our craft.  This will be a definite staple in my 
studio at Eastman.”
-- Michael Burritt, Eastman School of Music

"Keith Aleo has filled a void in the field of orchestral percussion with his collection of etudes.  They are clever, musically written, and address real challenges and impracticalities associated with these instruments.  They are a valuable resource for all levels of experience."
-- Dan Bauch, Boston Symphony Orchestra 

 Music Section - download part of one of the Tambourine Etudes

News Section to get a description of the Book

Hot off the Press:  Link to Bachovich Music Publishing to Purchase the book